One simple makeup trick which can make your eye appear smaller.

When it comes to makeup tricks,we notice that a single small trick can make a huge difference. This technique has been used many decades ago,where women in daily bases used to line their waterlines with black eye pencil so their eyes could be more noticeable and beautiful. Starting from the most famous beauty icons,actresses and models,this technique has been a huge trend. But what is it,and what kind of role plays the black eye pencil when it comes to make your eyes appear small ?

We know that the black eye pencil completes the smokey eye look,the bronze look and even the cat eye look. But this trick also can be used to make your eyes appear smaller. Here are the steps on how to make your eyes appear smaller ;

First,define your crease by using a light brown eye-shadow.

Second,line your upper and bottom lash line with the black pencil.

Then,smudge it out with an eye pencil brush to make it look soft.

Finally,finish by curling your eyelashes and applying mascara.

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