How to tweeze, trim and shape your brows at home like a Pro

Everyone knows how important brows are to beautify the face and complete it, but everyone knows either that if you over tweeze or over trim them it can look as bad as having no brows at all. When it comes to tweezing we try to make them look their best,but we often forget that tweezing the wrong hair can destroy the whole brow and it will take a long time for it to grow back which makes it harder to go back to the way it was before so my recommandation is to NEVER over tweeze. There are 3 tools that you’ll need to get that beautiful tweezed brow ;
1.Use a spooly to brush your hair upwards,so it can make the tweezing easier and will make it clear about which hair needs to be removed.

2. Use the tweezer carefully to remove the unnecessary hair. When it comes to shape your brows,shape them naturally. Start shaping form the under part of the brow, and when it comes to the outerpart remove just the ones that need to be removed without over-touching them. For shaping them, start by measuring the angles of your brow. Measure where your brow should start,where the angle should be,and where the brow should end according to the shape of your eye.

3. Use the spooly tu brush your hair again,and with the scissors and start triming your brow hair. When you trim always remember that your should not follow the line of your brows,because that shortens your brow hair. Go 1 to 2mm below so the brow can look thick and healty.

Recommendation; If you have thin brows,use garlic and castor oil to thicken them. Use them daily if necessary.

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