How to choose the right foundation shade & formula for your skin ?

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Not everyone is blessed with a baby looking face,and that is fine because no one is perfect.A lot of women nowadays use foundation on their makeup routines to even out their skin tone,to cover imperfections, redness and some of them use it to get that luminous glow on their face or maybe a matte finish,but do they know how to choose the right foundation according to their skin type and color ? As I said no one is perfect and every women has done these kind of mistakes when they first started using makeup. There are some ways that leads you to the right choice.

First of All,you should know your skin type and act accordingly when you go and choose a foundation. I think that for a daily bases heavy foundations are not a good way to go but instead using a light coverage foundation will do the job and it wont clog your pores and cause pimples or blackheads.
For those people that suffer from acne, foundation is not a good thing to cover them because bacteria can make the acne worse.( For better information talk with your dermatologist)

When it comes to buy foundations make sure you know your skin type and look for the right coverage,formula and shade.

#1 Chose the right coverage:
* Sheer ; Will help you with skin discoloration,give you a little bit of color and will make your face look young and natural.
* Light ; Gives your skin a light touch and it evens your skin tone.
* Medium ; Covers discoloration,pores and acne scars if it is followed with a powder afterwards does a pretty good job.
* Full coverage ; It is mostly used to cover massive acne scars, discoloration,dark skin and perfects the skin tone. Mostly used for special occasions.

2# Chose the right formula:
* Mineral ; Provides sheer to light coverage,and good for daily bases cause it contains minerals and the skin can benefit from it.
* Water-based ;Provides light to medium coverage and leaves the face with a natural appearance.
* Oil-based ; The oldest formulation of foundations.It covers well because of its thick consistency. It leaves the skin dewy and flawless,and most importantly water resistant.

3#Chose the right shade:
When its time to chose the right shade that matches you skin color, mostly it can be tricky and manipulative.It can be from the lighting inside the salon where you test it or it can be from the wrong place of testing it (Ex; palm of your hand). When you are testing the colors for your foundation,don’t be ashamed to go and check the color where there are lights and don’t be ashamed of blending it or looking minutes for the right shade. Most importantly go barefaced and try it directly to your face,start from one side of the check bone and apply it downwards to your neck to check if it matches both your face and neck. Chose the exact same shade as your skin color and it will compliment your whole look. Chose wisely and your face will thank you for that.

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