Get rid of chopped lips with your home made Lip scrub.

We tend to get chopped lips way too often,which can be as a result of a cold weather, flu or maybe not having enough water&vitamins during the day. They can often be painful,and the lipstick never stays well with chopped lips. But don’t forget,there’s a solution to every problem. Here is how you can do your own lip scrub get rid of chopped lips without spending a lot of money?

You will need,the ingredients ;

1 tablespoon with white or brown sugar,it depends from the preference.
1 tablespoon with milk
1 tablespoon with honey

Mix the ingredients, and make sure the suger doesnt dissapear. The scrub needs to have a thick consistency.
The sugar will exfoliate your lips and remove dead cells, the milk&honey will leave your lips soft and silky. Apply the scrub and massage your lips from 3-5 minutes. Remove the scrub with a cloth and warm water. Finish by applying your favorite lip balm. Then you’ll be ready to wear any kind of lipstick without the need to worry about the chopped lips.

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