Affordable makeup sponges (wedges) for a flawless finish

In a market full of competition sometimes it is very hard to decide. And we,as makeup lovers spend a lot of money on products which are expensive. But you can always make a choice when there are plenty of products out there. When it comes to apply foundation or concealer,there are a lot of brands […]

10 make up tips every Woman should know

Before you even start with your make-up keep this in mind; you always need to start with a fresh cleaned, exfoliated and moisturized skin. Take care of your skin everyday so you would look naturally beautiful with less makeup. Here are some make-up tips every woman should know. 1. Foundation When it comes to foundation, […]

One simple makeup trick which can make your eye appear smaller.

When it comes to makeup tricks,we notice that a single small trick can make a huge difference. This technique has been used many decades ago,where women in daily bases used to line their waterlines with black eye pencil so their eyes could be more noticeable and beautiful. Starting from the most famous beauty icons,actresses and […]

How to fake bigger eyes with makeup, The Best makeup tip and trick EVER

Every eyeshape is beautiful,and eyeshapes are different from person to person. There are various ways of eye makeup looks,some of the looks need a smaller eye some of them need a bigger one.It all depends on what kind of makeup look you are going for,events or maybe the type of outfit we choose for those […]

How to tweeze, trim and shape your brows at home like a Pro

Everyone knows how important brows are to beautify the face and complete it, but everyone knows either that if you over tweeze or over trim them it can look as bad as having no brows at all. When it comes to tweezing we try to make them look their best,but we often forget that tweezing […]

How to choose the right foundation shade & formula for your skin ?

Not everyone is blessed with a baby looking face,and that is fine because no one is perfect.A lot of women nowadays use foundation on their makeup routines to even out their skin tone,to cover imperfections, redness and some of them use it to get that luminous glow on their face or maybe a matte finish,but […]

How to curl your lashes and keep them curled all day

First of all, make sure you are starting your makeup routine with a clean and fresh because you don’t want your eyelashes to look clumpy and scary, you want them looking as beautiful as your hair looks after you wash it. First, start by curling your lashes. Give them a light curl and if you […]

Baby Oil as a Make-up Removal !?

We tend to spend a lot of money in makeup removers like cloths,wipes,cotton pads,expensive makeup removal oils and tons of other stuff which can cost us a lot of money. But when you are on a budged you think on the ways of how you can use one product in various ways. Our main topic […]

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is made of castor bean which has a lot of benefits. Castor oil despite uses in the food industry it is also used for health and skin care industry a lot lately. Castor oil it is known for treating a lot of human health conditions but most importantly castor oil it is known […]