Benefits of organic Coconut oil


There are infinite benefits of organic coconut oil. Starting from your health care,hair care,skin care and a lot more.Coconut oil it is known as an antibacterial oil,antifungal and also containing fatty acids which are used for improving several health conditions. Coconut oil it is used for curing different of skin diseases too,such as eczema, nappy rash, psoriasis, acne,dermatisis,dandruff,premature ageing etc.

Health care

Coconut oil as a natural health healer,it is high in natural saturated fats which increases the healthy cholesterols and converts the unhealthy cholesterol into good cholesterols. Using coconut oil in your food can protect you from diseases like alzhaimer,arthrisis,diabetes and it is helpful for weight loss too.

Skin care

When it comes to skin cares, coconut oil is a good oil for your skin.During the winter days,when your moisturizer doesn’t do the job, it leaves your skin dry and your dead skin cells start to show more the best thing to do is apply coconut oil. Exfoliate gently your face with a cloth or with your exfoliating cleanser and then apply the coconut oil. Make sure you apply a small amount,and press the access with a tissue so it won’t leave your skin looking oily and your skin will look smooth and healthy.If you’r suffering from eczema or any other skin disease try using a small amount at the infected area,to make sure it doesn’t cause allergies or infection. If not,then wash your hands properly and apply it gently to the needed area. Make sure your hands are clean to prevent bacteria worsen the area.

Hair Care

Coconut oil was even used in the past for women with long hair who had problems with frizzy hair and hair tangnling. They used to braid the hair after they applied it so it would stay in place and make their hair soft. But now in the modern area,coconut oil is used in shampoos,conditioners,hair masks etc and leaves your hair soft,silky and shiny looking..Coconut oil it can be used in different ways when it comes to applying it to your hair. It can be mixed with ingreedients such as eggs,honey,milk and other oils or it can be used alone. Both ways is efficient.

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