Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is made of castor bean which has a lot of benefits. Castor oil despite uses in the food industry it is also used for health and skin care industry a lot lately. Castor oil it is known for treating a lot of human health conditions but most importantly castor oil it is known for its fast effect at hair growth. As other beauty oils castor oil has its own benefits when it comes to hair growth:

1. It grows your hair very fast
2. It can be used to grow your hair,brows and eyelashes.
3. It absorbs very fast into the skin
4. Leaves the area shiny and healthy.

How it can be used when it comes to hair grow ?
– You can use it by its own,apply it to your hair and leave it for at least one hour.
– You can use it with ready hair masks,you can mix it with the ingredient and leave it to be absorbed.
– You can do your own castor oil mask. ( Ex: Mixing the red of an egg with one cup of castor oil, it depends on how much hair your having. And leave it for at least one hour for good and fast effects.)
– You can drop a bit of castor oil in your shampoos for a better wash.
– You can also drop a bit in your conditioner too,to condition them and leave them shiny and silky.

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