Affordable makeup sponges (wedges) for a flawless finish

In a market full of competition sometimes it is very hard to decide. And we,as makeup lovers spend a lot of money on products which are expensive. But you can always make a choice when there are plenty of products out there. When it comes to apply foundation or concealer,there are a lot of brands that have succeeded in producing the right brush or sponge for a flawless application, but when it comes to buy them a lot of money is not worthy for a product which you can compensate with another product which is cheaper and does the same job too. Makeup applicators are one of the most expensive beauty tools too. Make up wedges have changed makeup artists lives when it comes to applying makeup to their clients and not reusing it again,but throw it.Makeup wedges are a triangle shaped sponge for applying makeup. Make up wedges come in different sizes which are used to apply foundation,concealer,contour,for makeup baking,body sculpting etc. But the question is how to use a makeup wedge and with which kind of products a makeup wedge works best?

When it comes to use it you need to use it wet. You can soak it under water or you can apply makeup setting spray. The wedge should always be wet when applying liquid products. For dry products such as translucent powder you need to use a dry wedge so it won’t make your face look cakey. When it comes to apply the products,make sure you don’t rub your face with a sponge but instead use the pressing motion. Press the product to your skin with the wedge,and you will be amazed by the results.

The makeup wedges work best with the medium to high coverage products, because of their consistency. With a makeup wedge you should go always less with thick consistency products,a small amount goes a long way. Remember dear readers,less is always more. If you need more you can always apply,but you can not remove after applying too much.

The price of a set of makeup wedges is not more than 4$ and it comes in 10-15 pieces inside. You can wash a makeup wedge and reuse it. For a more hygienic care of your wedges you can spray alcohol. You can find makeup wedges to your local makeup stores.

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