10 make up tips every Woman should know

Before you even start with your make-up keep this in mind; you always need to start with a fresh cleaned, exfoliated and moisturized skin. Take care of your skin everyday so you would look naturally beautiful with less makeup. Here are some make-up tips every woman should know.

1. Foundation
When it comes to foundation, choosing the right shade may be hard but applying the wrong one may look horrible. Make sure you choose your foundation shade and formula wisely. When it comes to the application, using a brush or a sponge will give your face a flawless finish.

2. Concealer
Your dark circles may bother some of you, but the concealer makes wonders. Always choose a light formula when you go and shop for concealers, because you can apply it two times if it is necessary. A light formula will smooth your under eye area and it won’t crease as bad as full the coverage one. When it comes to choosing your shade, make sure your concealer is one shade lighter than your foundation for a natural finish but two to three shades lighter for more of a dramatic one. The best was to apply your concealer is by using a sponge. The sponge makes the application easier and it looks more natural.

3. Powder
If you have oily to combination skin, you must apply powder to set your foundation and concealer. By doing this steep you will make sure your face looks less oily and your foundation will stay in place. If you tend to get oily after some hours, use a tissue or a dry sheet to remove the oiliness from your face.

4. Bronzer
Your face needs to have that sun kissed look so by applying bronzer you define your face and you show your features more. For a natural finish use cream bronzer but for more of a dramatic look go with the powder one. As for the shade, 2 shades darker than your skin is the best shade for that beach bronzy look.

5. Blush
A blushed face always looks young, so by applying your favorite blush to your cheeks will make you look healthier and younger. You can apply a cream blush for more of a natural look.

6. Brows
When it comes to brows, they should be sisters and not twins. Our face it is not proportional so don’t try to make them look the same. Just fill them in the shape that they and make sure you draw strokes just as your natural brow hairs grow. You can use brow pencils, powders or pomades. But make sure you clean out your mistakes for more of a clean look. You don’t want the product to be spread other than the brow area.
7. Eye-shadow
Quality over quantity. It is hard to spend so much money on eye-shadows but having few of them in the right color and pigmentation is all you need. Also having the right brushes and knowing your eye shape are the keys to this step. But after all, make sure you work with clean blushes and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.

8. Mascara
Always curl your lashes before you apply mascara. If you want to have that curl all day long, use a waterproof mascara.

9. Lip Liner
If you want your lips to look full and defined, line them with your favorite nude lip liner.

10. Lipstick
After you have applied your lip liner, make sure you apply a nude lipstick for more of a natural look. Always try to combine both your lipstick and your lip liner for more of an everyday look. For a special occasion look, you can go with a darker shade.

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